Bayati: tomorrow which will share blocks which boycotted Parliament and Abadi had names new Cabinet

Mon, 30 May 2016 14:02:02

Baghdad observer newsletter

The National Alliance mp Abbas Al-Bayati said Monday that "the House session for tomorrow which will share blocks that interrupt Parliament", stating that "Prime Minister Haider Abadi had names new cabinet will be presented to Parliament".

Al-Bayati said in a press release, "said monitor Abadi determined the reshuffle, and had names ready for the purpose of presenting them to the House of representatives," adding that "now we need the harmony within Parliament, and very short time remaining, welaithaml to vote on new Ministers under the legislative recess starts."

And that "tomorrow will be a great session, and where will the blocks that interrupt the House and hope that the new Ministers by swearing to exercise their duties as normal," said Abadi problem that reforms got interested in Parliament work hindered voting. "

The House has decided to postpone the Parliament session to Tuesday, after repackaging it held the Presidency of the Council of representatives which discussed several topics important meeting, most notably the return of Council to hold its meetings in the presence of a greater number of members so that the Board revert to practice prophetic cycle cross humanitarian legislation, government surveillance, and provide the necessary support to the security forces in the liberation of Iraq's land of DDNS terrorist Islamic State, complete the package waiting for her people.

Parliament's statement pointed to positive signs of a significant number of conscientious objectors of their wish to attend the meeting, healing House, due to sustained efforts to approximate views we saw useful adjournment to Tuesday; for the widest possible participation of representatives, especially that everyone interested in the return of the Council for his role in the form in which the interests of the country and the aspirations of its people.