Parliament explain why postpone its positive messages received: emphasizes conscientious objectors

2016/06/30 15:45


Iraqi Council Presidency issued Monday, an explanation about why postpone today's session, as indicated to achieve quorum, confirmed receiving "serious" messages intercepted MPs need Parliament's reunion.

The Presidency said in a statement sent to the Iraqi Council of representatives (range), a copy of it, that "because the hearing Monday, despite having achieved the quorum, as happened yesterday to receive the President serious messages intercepted brothers need" reunion, "in response to this desire decided to postpone this meeting today for tomorrow.

That said, "this initiative to welcome objectors brothers who preside and House members that there is need to heal the House to do his duty and cycle basis in legislation the mission that serves citizens and implement serious reform programme", referring to "provide full support to our security forces and the popular crowd and cops, and they are fighting a battle for existence and honor against terrorist groups".

The Presidium of the House of representatives was decided Monday, the 28th meeting postponed from the second legislative term the second legislative year to Tuesday, to ensure wider participation of members of Parliament, while "positive signals" from deputies opposed to attend the meeting to be held tomorrow.

Parliamentary sources had earlier guessed, Monday, (30 may 2016), not a planned House today, the difficulty of achieving quorum, attributing the reason to not attend the majority of Deputies so far confirmed that the presence of members of the House of representatives yesterday, was consolidated with the security forces.

Iraqi Council Presidency, raised, Sunday, (29 may 2016), joint meeting to support security forces headed by Selim Jabouri and attend 171 deputies, Prime Minister Haider Abadi, said Monday, after the vote on the extension of the current legislative term for one month, and discuss the process of liberation of the city of Fallujah and the humanitarian situation in the city, economic conditions and International Monetary Fund loan.

The Iraqi Parliament is disabled for about a month, after protesters stormed his building on April 30, 2016, and differences over House speaker Salim Al-Juburi's survival in Office of his dismissal, which evolved into the present deputies intercepted protesters on the survival of the Jabouri and his supporters appealed to the Federal Supreme Court the legality of the meeting held during the voice said five new Ministers, the meeting house sitters and voted on impeaching Jabouri, the Court decided Sunday, (29 may 2016) to defer consideration of appeals Until the 8th of the month of June.