Environmental approval granted 20 Babel environment for a number of activities to maintain

2016/06/30 14:57


Babil, the Environment Department announced Monday, granting 20 environmental approval for a number of activities, as indicated that approvals included the establishment of poultry and furnaces and water production plants and erecting communications towers.

The Director of Babel environment in rationalizing (range), that "his district awarded 20 environmental approval during the past few days for all the County's activities after detection by specialized teams of Babylon with Environment Directorate note applied and its commitment to the instructions and conditions and environmental determinants as new environmental law."

Abbas said that "the approvals included environmental approval granted to create fields and chicken one environmental approval to create draft cattle and milk production in Babylon where point is granted from the Department of environmental protection and improvement of the environment of the Middle Euphrates area, indicating that five environmental approvals were granted" for the purpose of erecting towers for communications. "

Abbas said that "environmental approval for the purpose of establishing an environmental approval tissue factor and one to create a plant to produce pickles, awarded agree environmental to create fish farm cages as environmental approval granted to create stone llsamon oven," pointing to "one environmental approval to create a store file and one environmental approval to create" healthy water production plant.

Abbas said that "one environmental approval granted for establishment of plant for the production of vinegar walsas walkegb and environmental approval to add a line of packaging and packing and pressing plant dates desserts and consent to add a production line to fill distilled water of the Tigris to plant industrial plastic bottles", noting that "environmental consent has been granted for vegetarian feed plant.

The Directorate of Babel environment is responsible for granting environmental approvals for a brain wrap agricultural, industrial and service activities in the province in accordance with the new environmental law.