Aldhelki threatening to resort to the International Court because of the collapse of the security situation in Diyala

30-05-2016 03:02 PM

Raad threatened Iraqi Union aldhelki recourse to the International Court again to collapse the security situation in Diyala after civil right violations n

During the past two days, innocent said in a statement when the strong alliance Deputies decided on Diyala province by resorting to the United Nations to intervene to put an end to abuses occurring against the citizens of Diyala all hell broke loose after all that was done yesterday by the militia campaign against filtering this province since the militia attacked the House of Sheikh ghadhban Al-mahdawi and killed six of his family members as she killed a school principal in addition to killing three people and arresting three others,

aldhelki said that the militias even liquidation campaign not only Rahet burned orchards in muqdadiyah, noting that all these violations under Meri glare security devices called aldhelki the Commander in Chief of the armed forces and the security forces in Diyala province to intervene to stop the bloodshed faced by the United Nations

called Diyala province that has a clear position of the flagrant violations against going on the Diyala residents and send international forces to protect this province.