Residential investment "in Baghdad will provide 130 thousand units

2016/06/30 13:43


Baghdad's investment Commission, confirmed on Monday that the capital's residential projects would provide more than 130 thousand housing units and many jobs, as indicated to continue working to overcome obstacles in the investment process.

Public Relations Department said in a statement received in Baghdad Investment Commission (long press), "the Chairman of Shaker Iraq under tours by Baghdad investment investment projects and stages of its work and help companies implement them according to specified timelines, paid a visit to my project (residential flowers) by the new life company limited property investment in the region of nairih wekiarh, (compound housing grabbers), implemented by a company of United hands real estate investing in the Davidian."

The statement quoted Iraq as saying that the body is working hard to promote the physical reality of the capital through the approval of many investment projects implemented by private sector funds, and not from the General State budget.

"Iraq," there are 77 Baghdad housing project will save more than 130 thousand housing units, many jobs for the people of Baghdad, continue to work in cooperation and coordination with the relevant authorities, to overcome obstacles in the investment process.

The statement said that "the projects will provide a large number of residential units up to 4800 6089, unit in the residential complex of flowers, comprising 118 vertical unit construction, divided into area (80, 100, 125, 150) m-2", indicating that "the number of units in the residential complex of hands up to 1332 area divided into unit (195, 163) m2, for citizens and some employees of government institutions."