Jubouri Office: Parliament postpones its meeting tomorrow to wider participation of the deputies

2016/5/30 13:19

Where - Baghdad]

House of Representatives postponed its meeting until tomorrow Tuesday, wider for MPs to share.

A statement by the Office of the Chairman of the House of Representatives received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of the "board of the Presidency of the Council of Representatives held on Monday, an important meeting discussed through several topics, notably the return of the Council to hold its meetings in the presence of a larger number of its members for the Council to return to the practice of his role missionary humanitarian laws through legislation and monitoring the government and provide the necessary support to security forces in the liberation of the land of Iraq from the Conception Daash terrorist and complete the reforms package awaits the people. "

He added that "because of the positive signals of a significant number of objectors Representatives of their desire to attend the hearing and the healing of the House of Representatives. Due to the efforts of tireless efforts to bring the views we have seen it is useful to postpone the meeting on Tuesday to post the largest possible number of deputies, especially since everyone is interested in the return of the Council for practicing role manner that achieves the interests of the country and the aspirations of its people.

He was scheduled to hold its House of Representatives on Monday.