NEWSTIME WITH BGG Sunday, 5/29/2016
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Thread: NEWSTIME WITH BGG Sunday, 5/29/2016

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    NEWSTIME WITH BGG Sunday, 5/29/2016

    BGG says(7:43 PM):
    David334 - you still around??
    To answer your comment - yes. DU is a wealth of REAL info... sometimes it is painful to watch the MSM...
    they are almost always confused and pushing a very narrow narrative.

    BGG says(7:45 PM):
    We may not be perfect... but staying tuned in and plugged in here at DU will keep you well informed.

    larrykn says(7:46 PM):
    First off I like to thank BGG for doing this for us all
    welcome to News time Please let BGG have the floor followed by questions , please put a ? up and I will call on you one at a time , thank you

    thank you BGG the floor is all yours

    BGG says to larrykn(7:48 PM):
    Thank you sir.

    BGG says(7:48 PM):
    There really has been a lot of EXTRAORDINARY news lately.
    if you stop and think...
    lemme' show you some of it...

    1st piece.

    Kurdish blocs announced their support for his reformist Ebadi

    BAGHDAD / IBN - Announced Kurdish blocs in the House support for the reforms and solving the problems of legal and constitutional means.

    And Zkralmketb media to Deputy Speaker of Parliament Aram Sheikh Mohammed, in a statement on Sunday, received a network of Iraqi transmitter (IBN) copy of it, "Sheikh Mohammed, chaired a meeting of the heads of Kurdish blocs in the House of Representatives, during which they discussed the latest developments of the situation and political developments on the Iraqi arena." .

    The meeting underlined "the importance of maintaining the political process and to represent all the components of the people in decision-making, and the need to intensify efforts by both parties to improve the atmosphere and calm the situation in general."...

    So the Kurds are announcing (telegraphing) relatively broad-based support for Abadi's reform project...

    larrykn says(7:54 PM):
    any questions

    BGG says(7:55 PM):
    This is interesting in light of the fairly severe splitting of the National Alliance and crumbling of Maliki's support base...
    and the mostly ineffective political attacks his crooked bunch carried out in Parliament lately.
    they are doing everything they can to slow walk things.

    surprise surprise...

    Sadr is backing Abadi... (that's about 4 Million protestors over the last several weeks)... it's like having 2nd Amendment protection - but made up of human bodies.

    The Kurds are backing Abadi - (as per today's PR releases)...

    Hakim is STRANGELY quiet... (probably better for him - since he's DOCUMENTED on the "naughty list")

    This is all very good news.

    larrykn says(8:00 PM):
    any question

    going once

    going twice

    maine says(8:01 PM):

    larrykn says to maine(8:01 PM):

    maine says (8:01 PM):
    was abadi in parliment today and if so what was the outcome

    now with the kurds support, can he now go forward with reforms

    larrykn says to maine(8:03 PM):
    good questions

    BGG says to maine(8:04 PM):
    I am not sure if he was - I read some vague report that seemed to point out that he was...
    I will have to study on it some more...

    the Kurds support will mean a lot in the near future to Abadi's programs.
    and - think about it ...
    when was the last time the Kurds (both sides) agreed on anything??

    maine says(8:06 PM):

    larrykn says(8:06 PM):
    any other questions

    BGG says to maine(8:06 PM):
    their minority factions are almost always trying to leverage the Shias in Baghdad against their regional adversaries..
    even Talabani did it...

    maine says(8:07 PM):

    he better strike while the iron is hot~

    BGG says to maine(8:07 PM):
    doesn't sound like the case this time.

    larrykn says(8:08 PM):
    ok BGG all yours

    BGG says to maine(8:10 PM):
    as in - doesn't sound like they are "infighting" - GOOD NEWS.

    BGG says (8:10 PM):
    Next piece...

    BGG says(8:10 PM):
    Thousands of Peshmerga move on ISIS in major offensive

    KHAZIR FRONT, Southeast of Mosul Some 5,000 Peshmerga and Zeravani Special Forces launched a major pre-dawn offensive Sunday, aiming to liberate 10 villages from the Islamic State (ISIS) group and moving a step closer to an anticipated joint offensive on Mosul...

    I won't post that whole article here... you can read in on THE BLOG as soon as we're done tonite.

    (I'll post it there - VERY GOOD NEWS!!!)

    larrykn says(8:12 PM):
    thank you BGG

    BGG says(8:13 PM):
    for all those tied up in the idea of Mosul being the key - this is it.


    it appears the Kurds are the ones (along with the US Sec Ops community - obviously) going to do the liberating. Also VERY GOOD NEWS.

    larrykn says(8:15 PM):
    any questions

    Elane says(8:15 PM):

    larrykn says to Elane(8:16 PM):

    Elane says(8:16 PM):
    Do you feel it IS the key?

    Or at least 1 of them?

    BGG says to Elane(8:16 PM):
    IMHO - it's more likely one of the keys.
    not THE key...
    and maybe not even...
    but in any case... soon - it won't even be an issue. It would appear.

    Elane says(8:17 PM):
    Icredible news...

    larrykn says(8:17 PM):
    any one else

    Pablo says(8:17 PM):

    BGG says to Elane(8:18 PM):
    I also find the timing of the IMF/WB oversight with these recent offenses against ISIS very curious.

    Money talks.

    larrykn says to Pablo(8:18 PM):

    Pablo says(8:18 PM):
    When are they planning on going into Mosul?

    BGG says to Pablo(8:19 PM):
    According to Rudaw (one ofthe most trusted and awarded news sources in the Middle East)...

    They started on Mosul this AM...

    BUCK says(8:19 PM):

    larrykn says to BUCK(8:20 PM):
    go ahead

    BUCK says(8:20 PM):
    did parliment vote to extend another month???? thank you.

    BGG says to BUCK(8:20 PM):
    IF they did - that's not what it means...
    it is just a procedural issue... keeping the current session "open"...
    and IF they did this... it basically means - they want to KEEP WORKING. Is that bad?

    daytrader says to BGG(8:22 PM):

    maine says(8:22 PM):
    i think its great!

    BUCK says(8:22 PM):
    no that is what i was hoping

    larrykn says to BUCK(8:22 PM):
    nope thats good news

    larrykn says to daytrader(8:22 PM):
    go ahead

    daytrader says to BGG(8:22 PM):
    What do you feel is the key or keys remaining?

    BGG says to daytrader(8:24 PM):
    that is a good question - however, with the timing of the recent support, IMF/WB oversite... their insistance on some level of control... and the aggressive movement against ISIS from every direction.
    things are absolutely moving in a very good direction for Iraq.

    and as a side note...
    Abadi has the support of the Kurds, Sadr, the US and the IMF/WB (aka - BIG MONEY)...
    that is a pretty powerful (and unlikely) alliance he has cobbled together.

    larrykn says(8:26 PM):
    any one else

    daytrader says to BGG(8:27 PM):
    Thanks BGG.

    poppy123 says(8:27 PM):
    i support him also

    larrykn says(8:27 PM):
    me too

    jtank says(8:27 PM):

    BGG says to daytrader(8:27 PM):
    the Saudis are even voicing some BS - facial support... (those guys are BAD NEWS).
    (for Abadi - for his reforms - and against ISIS)...

    daytrader says to BGG(8:28 PM):
    Seems they're playing both sides of the fence.

    larrykn says(8:28 PM):
    so what you saying Maliki group is toast then

    BGG says to daytrader(8:28 PM):
    Yup - they start it and then fund both sides...

    Lucifer says(8:28 PM):
    And are in BIG TIME financial trouble

    BGG says to larrykn(8:29 PM):
    IMHO - it's only a matter of time.

    larrykn says(8:29 PM):
    any one else have a question

    larrykn says to BGG(8:30 PM):
    you got some more for us

    BGG says to larrykn(8:30 PM):
    I do...
    We good to keep on??

    larrykn says(8:30 PM):
    yes sir

    tman23 says(8:31 PM):
    To interrupt quickly....... Shaways was on Kurd TV speaking in interview and said Abadi has agreed to pay Kurdistan for 2014,2015,and 2016 ........ This coming July........ So to put it in a nutshell......Abadi has the power and certainly expecting to have the money.......otherwise HE WOULD NOT MAKE THE COMMITTMENT......... IT WOULD BE THE BIGGEST MISTAKE IF HE BROKE ANOTHER AGREEMENT.......

    maine says(8:31 PM):

    larrykn says to tman23(8:31 PM):
    ty for that news

    BGG says to tman23(8:31 PM):
    and Thank you.
    for that.

    dale says(8:32 PM):

    subgirl says(8:32 PM):
    thank you tman!!

    jtank says(8:32 PM):
    very positive-

    BGG says(8:34 PM):
    Najib: Iraq 's salvation from the financial crisis is to activate the private sector

    (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad

    Confirmed member of the Committee of Economy and Investment parliamentary Najiba Najib that "Iraq 's salvation from the financial crisis is to activate the private sector."

    Najib said that "activating the private sector in the country is very important for the salvation of Iraq from the suffocating financial crisis," noting that it " has to be laws that guarantee the effectiveness of this important sector of legislation."

    She continued , "must also be having a good political environment to enact such laws and the provincial marketing domestic production for the purpose of the walk in front of this important vital sector."...

    BGG says(8:35 PM):
    She sure has changed her tune lately...
    funny - huh?!?
    and I am very curious - what exactly is she talking about??
    I think she's a former (or current) member of the Parliamentary Finance committee... along side Abadi. Hmmmmmmm

    I think - they button some of this stuff up - POST HASTE and we will see a giant leap forward in Iraq's financial system.
    it's all pointing that direction...

    larrykn says(8:38 PM):
    any questions
    well I have a comment: this all sounds like they are in one big hurry to get all this done now , all good for us

    BGG says to larrykn(8:40 PM):
    I agree.

    larrykn says(8:40 PM):
    any question

    larrykn says(8:40 PM):
    I guess we can move on BGG

    BGG says to larrykn(8:41 PM):
    I think that is it for tonite...
    that was my synopsis...

    larrykn says(8:42 PM):
    ok thank you so much for all you do in here

    magnetlady says(8:42 PM):
    Awesome newstime tonight BGG

    magnetlady says(8:42 PM):
    Thanks Larry for helping

    subgirl says(8:42 PM):
    thank you BGG loved the newstime!!!!

    cjquade54 says to BGG(8:42 PM):
    Thanks BGG
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