Fallujah "comfortable" to refrain from entering the crowd and attend four thousand elements to catch the ground after liberation

2016-05-29 23:37:00 | (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad

Is no longer in front of the elements Daash in Fallujah, which is ringed by the joint forces fully, plenty of time for political maneuvering or a deal to avoid the storming of the city, the military onslaught is inevitable.

And tried to organize "Daash" in recent days to find the port out of the city, through negotiations with the Iraqi parties to hand over the city in exchange for allowing him to escape, according to the news reported in the media recently. But close to the views of military operations there denied the report, and confirmed that the troops did not need to negotiate after its control over Fallujah.

As seems to be an attempt to "Daash", yesterday, to return to "Heat", and the island of Khalidiya, through a series of attacks were repelled later, indicate that the organization has exhausted all options to prevent the storming of Fallujah, according to observers.

The crowd more Andhabta

The closed joint forces, yesterday, all of Fallujah outlets. While anti - terror apparatus, who was not involved launching operations began, preparing to storm the city along with other regular forces, after the announcement of "popular crowd" no intention to enter the town.

The Prime Minister announced the general commander of the armed forces , Haider al - Abadi, last week, starting the process of liberalization of Fallujah. It took various military formations, estimated at more than 30 thousand members, including a few thousand fighters Anbar tribes, the city of 4 axes.

And began to organize Daash, according to local officials, the confused and request the support of the population through continuous calls in the mosques of Fallujah unanswered.

And received the crowd 's recent decision to refrain from entering the city positive feedback among officials in Fallujah. Mayor and considered eliminating Saadoun al - Shaalan as a "reassuring message to the residents of Fallujah."

He criticized al - Shaalan, earlier, which he described as "sectarian behavior" of some of the popular crowd factions, warning that such behavior of Iraqi forces will lose the confidence of their sources inside Fallujah.

He also said an alliance of Iraqi forces, yesterday, that he had information from Vine City, which recently freed, according to the bombing of the Great Mosque of the vine and other mosques, and violations of the role of citizens and their property.

He said the coalition in a statement, that these acts "detrimental to the victories achieved and editorial operations." The alliance also rejected the involvement of an unknown Iraqi army and security forces and tribal crowd in the liberation of Fallujah.

But the Mayor of Fallujah , says: "This will not happen in Fallujah. There are guarantees from the government this time, and the crowd far more disciplined."

He revealed the deputy chief of the crowd Abu Mahdi Mohandes, in a television interview Saturday, the presence of detainees from the crowd were arrested for offenses they had committed, kept inside a private prison is linked to the Central Criminal Court in Baghdad. The engineer said that "our past experience confirms that we have not unfair to families in places where we entered it, and if there was an accident or two are recorded."

The leader of the Badr Organization , Hadi al - Amiri , said last week that the popular crowd forces will participate only in the cordon operations and will leave the Army the task of storming the city, pointing out that the "popular crowd will not enter the city unless the army attack failed."

Distribution of military roles

In turn , it is considered the leader of the Badr Kazmi particular the decision not to enter the crowd to Fallujah as " the distribution of roles between the military formations and give a chance to the people of Anbar tribes to liberate the city."

Kazmi pointed out , that " the popular crowd had finished editing the most important and most dangerous joints around Fallujah, such as the vine, and Alsjr, and Albohgel, currently working on editing Saqlawiyah."

The leader of the Badr Organization , " the task now left to the forces fighting terrorism, they are equipped with elite potential and sophisticated equipment forces." It also points out that " the popular crowd had made ​​great sacrifices during the two years in the editorial operations of five thousand people, and it is time for the sons of the tribes offer sacrifices as well."

Kazmi denies the existence of international pressure to keep the crowd from Fallujah, saying "We are not insisting on entering the cities, if there are those who reject our presence in the cities, we are honored that we are liberated Tikrit, science, and the rock cliff."

And approaching the popular crowd with the rest of the military units of the Liberation Saqlawiyah center, prepared by the crowd as a "second lung" of Fallujah after the vine.

Numbers "Daash" and civilians

In the meantime, officials close to the command of operations, says that "preparation Daash in Fallujah shrunk from 2,000 to half the number, after extreme stress on the outskirts of the city."

Local officials believe that the decline in the number of Fallujah insurgents would open the way for wider civilians out of the city. Sources recently confirmed, that Daash has closed ports, which are used by the population is expected to be out of Fallujah, the concrete walls.

It reveals Shaalan, Mayor of Fallujah, about " the evacuation of about 400 families from the city and its outskirts, through the northern port city." Noting that "men go to Tariq camp for interrogation, and women are directed to camps for displaced people."

To this , the anti - terrorism forces, and tactical division of the Federal Police, in addition to emergency regiments in Anbar , Fallujah , to close fully.

It is expected to bear about 4 thousand fighters engaged under the "mobilization of Fallujah", the task of keeping the land, until the reopening of the police station again.

On the social level, Shaalan says that " the tribes in Fallujah, agreed to hand over the accused to justice after the liberation of the city and away from the tribal feuds."

The president of the beautiful tribe Mahn enormous Abbas, one of the largest tribes in Fallujah, his innocence of his son , Rafe, declaring the waste of blood on the back of his leadership of the Islamist al Daash in the city.

The enormous, at a joint news conference held with a number of sheikhs and dignitaries of the tribe in Arbil, the middle of May, "We are innocent of terrorism and terrorists from the tribal members and those who follow them," he said . "I've Hdrna the blood of all of these."

He called on the enormous young sons of the tribe to "speed up to volunteer in the ranks of the crowd for the Liberation of the tribal areas and re - displaced people to their areas."

And take part in the liberation of Fallujah three thousand fighters from Obozor four tribes in Fallujah, and they are : beautiful, Aisaoyen, Mahamdh, and Allabsp, in addition to other clans.