An arrest warrant on the Liberation of Iraq

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An arrest warrant on the Liberation of Iraq

He made an order to arrest the governor of Nineveh article Liberation of Iraq.

According to the arrest warrant issued by the Federal resumption of Nineveh Court, the achievement of Mosul / Integrity "to the judicial arrest members of the police and all everyone who is this note of his hand, they Modhunon the arrest of the accused: the governor of Nineveh former Ethyl Abdul Aziz Najafi and replace the currently stay in Erbil / English village, and bring him before the court, for being accused in the complaint against him in the integrity Commission / Directorate achievement of Nineveh. "

It showed that "the crime of legal and material type [315] of the Penal Code."

Article 315 of the Iraqi Penal Code: Every employee is liable to imprisonment or a public service Maclq pilfer or disappearance of money or chattel paper or installed right or otherwise found in his life. "