Abbadi Office announces transfer of security responsibility to spend Karma liberated to local police in Anbar {Extender}

التحریر:: 2016/5/29 19:43

Baghdad: Euphrates news}

media spokesman on behalf of the Office of the Prime Minister Saad Al-Hadithi transfer security responsibility to spend Karma liberated to local police in Anbar.

Hadithi said in a press release received {Euphrates news} CC on Sunday, Iraqi forces were able to "valiant and heroic dash to complete the first stage of the Edit battle plan, and many areas in the East and North and South of Fallujah, residents of these areas liberated from the grip of terrorism and cut off supply lines, and ways to support the terrorists in Fallujah from Center, has launched the second phase of the plan, and are about to reach their goals, and Are preparing to free Fallujah Center to save residents from injustice and oppression and force of terrorism, restoring her emigrant to their city, where he will take part in the incursion of anti-terrorism forces, rapid reaction regiments, and emergency police in Anbar province, the sons of Anbar clans in General, and the sons of Fallujah, and the rest of the military units that will provide the necessary support in areas surrounding the center of Fallujah. "

He has been transferred security responsibility to spend Karma liberated to local police in Anbar, the area backed by army units is the Commander in Chief of the armed forces, Haidar Abadi ".
The protection and rescue of civilians and keeping them safe is a top priority for the military units, and is the highest priority for the Fallujah operation based on strict instructions by the Commander in Chief of the armed forces, where our troops to spare the Fallujah operation risks military to liberate the city from the control of strangers, and returned to her family to live in stability and decent living. "

"The Iraqi Government pursued efforts to provide safe passages and exits to Fallujah citizens, protection of civilians and people as Government and the nominal goal rescued the armed forces, and on the other by the ministries and agencies concerned with humanitarian relief and file to provide shelters and relief in Amiriyah Fallujah areas, tourist city, and khalidiyah, processing centres are basic needs for food, medical, and humanity for the displaced from Fallujah, in coordination with the local government in Anbar."

"The Government invites international and regional organizations and all humanitarian international bodies to contribute in supporting its efforts in providing the basic needs of displaced persons and ensure humanitarian requirements, as well as the call on the importance of the contribution of the international community and regional countries in supporting Iraq to achieve stability in the liberated areas and speed up the return of displaced persons, the return of normalcy, it forms part of the legal and moral commitment of the international community towards Iraq, especially since Iraq is going through financial crisis Prefixed, in addition to the fact that international terrorist system addresses Iraq, pushes the terrorist threat from most countries of the world and the region. At least the stand with Iraq in humanitarian and relief operations and finance at this time. "

He noted that "the Iraqi Government expresses welcomed international support through the adoption of seven major economic powers to provide financial aid to Iraq of $ 3.6 billion, and show their support for the Iraqi Government in fighting terrorism, and to support their efforts in preserving the unity and territorial integrity of Iraq and to support its efforts against terrorism, and edit cities, praising the efforts of Iraqi troops against the Islamic State and confirm to support government reforms, the Iraqi Government stresses the importance of international support, and continuity in assistance Iraq in the face of terrorism and economic crisis. "

He said that "as part of the Government's efforts to restore stability to the liberated areas, and two were held for reconstruction support group for restoring stability in liberated areas in Baghdad and Berlin, jointly headed by Iraq and Germany."

"The Government regrets the persistence of some Arabic media distortion and sectarian incitement campaigns that are not based on a foundation of health, lead to terrorist front Islamic State agenda renews call for the necessity for these professional standards means, credibility, and at the same time hailing the Iraqi media, and national youth activists rush into social networking sites by assigning the Edit process