Companies begin to compete for the fourth license and communications awaiting court action officially announced

29/05/2016 13:43

Long-Presse / Baghdad

It revealed the CMC, on Sunday, for the approval of the companies competing for a fourth mobile license on "initial disclosure contract" contract, while confirming that it is awaiting the resolution of the issue of the Ministry of Communications of the file before the labor court official to announce the competition.

The Board of Trustees member Khalil pilot in an interview to the (long-Presse), "The body is a contestant on the launch of the fourth mobile license, and awaits only the decision of the Labour Court to end the case of the Ministry of Communications file," noting that "the Commission will commence once the case file to continue its actions regarding advertised mechanisms. "

He said the pilot, "The companies that want to compete for the fourth license provided confidence in the so-called contract, (to approve the contract's initial disclosure), and then be the official announcement of the competition according to the auction which takes into account the overall international regulations and standards, and is performed under control steps transparent to study bids developed and where the body is committed to compliance with the terms of the financial and technical inputs and experience in the world of communications. "

The Ministry of Communications revealed, in the 28th of January 2016, for the withdrawal of the Cabinet for the fourth license, upon request, the CMC, while confirming that it continues to pursue its right to obtain a legal license.

The Ministry of Communications announced on the 14th of December 2015, all requiring the elimination of the Communications and Media Commission stop the Declaration on the Granting fourth license for mobile phones, while stated that "the struggle" on "sovereign right" license is still going on, it revealed a claim by a committee of parliamentary services provided A feasibility study for the project.

The Communications and Media Commission confirmed in (13 December 2015), that the amount of the fourth license is held up to three billion dollars, indicating that it had received requests from international companies to get a license, and that the Ministry of Communications has resorted to the judiciary instead of applying for them.

The CMC announced (25 October 2015), will launch the fourth license for mobile phones in conjunction with the launch of the fourth generation system early next 2016, and indicated that the launch of the fourth generation system will be according to an auction where competing companies operating in Iraq now, as well as the Ministry of communications and other companies.