Iraq and Iran discuss trade and economic cooperation

2016/5/29 14:41

[Where - Follow-up]

A delegation of three Iraqi provinces with Iranian officials in Ilam Province cooperation in trade and economic spheres.

The head of the Commerce, Industry and Mines and the Chamber of Agriculture province of Ilam Shaaban Vrun in a press statement that the Iraqi delegation is composed of 16 economists and heads of chambers of commerce neighboring Eelam Iraqi provinces of Maysan and Wasit and Diyala.

Vrun He added that the visit of the Iraqi trade delegation for a two-day Eelam comes at the invitation of the Chamber of Commerce aims to preserve and study the possibilities available and commonalities and ways to expand trade and economic cooperation between the two parties.

And take part of the Iraqi delegation at a special meeting to study ways of cooperation between the Tigers and the Iraqi border provinces would meet later to members of the Chamber of Commerce Baillam The delegation will meet Managers executives, producers and traders in the province is due to the delegation at a later inspected the industrial cities in the province soon.

It should be noted that Ilam Province west of Iran and its 430 kilometer common border with Iraq.