Education gets more than 6 billion dinars

Baghdad the balance of news

Office of Inspector General of the Ministry of education, on Sunday, of more than 6 billion dinars.

The Office said in a statement received/balance news/copy of it, he "has been recouping (6,201,939,000) only six billion and two hundred and one million nine hundred and thirty-nine thousand enlightened one bureaus after refusing to return to the breeding of Salahuddin province and which represent the salaries of employees spend (sharqat).

He added, "that was supported by the Minister of education and great cooperation from the Iraqi justice and integrity. Where the Office of the Inspector General of the Ministry of education financial checks on salaries raise Salahuddin province (spend sherqat) which was able to prove the ownership of those amounts seized one of the bureaus and follow up and secretly and promptly with the Iraqi justice and integrity.

Subsequently the company was refunded his claim to the General Directorate for education, Saladin aided ladder returned to the public purse and there continual civil investigative work by the Office. Over 29 /4 e