Jubouri calls on MPs to support their organization to work to pass legislation and to hold the executive organs expanded

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{Baghdad: Euphrates News} said Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri, on Sunday, that today's session aims to raise the floor and unify the visions of the Council and its solidarity with the people, calling on MPs to "make every effort to support their organization by working on the adoption of the necessary legislation and control and accountability of the executive organs so as to ensure better performance to them.

Jubouri said in the opening speech of the meeting of solidarity to support the liberation of Fallujah operations received by the agency {Euphrates News} a copy of it today, that "our heroes brave army and police sons and counterterrorism forces and volunteers of the sons of the popular and tribal crowd, facing an enemy criminals, and we as applaud their effort and their struggle and sacrifices we We find that to be commissioned by the national legislative institution and the leaders of the country to carry out their role in supporting the historical and support our fighters in the liberation of Fallujah operations Daash terrorist. "

"It is also our people has been waiting for our Council to convene and understanding on a clear formula for crossing the large and dangerous in relation to the International Monetary Fund and the mechanism of lending and the need to seize the opportunity of international support to the economic crisis; to overcome the problem of acute shortage of liquidity to secure the entitlements of citizens of salaries and others."

He continued, saying that "Gelcetkm for today, including in respect of the much sense to assume national responsibility, they at the same time aims to raise the floor and unify the visions of the Council and solidarity in order to achieve the people's will and aspirations", calling on the Council to "rectify what he has done and activating its role can the state in the performance of its functions , considering that the responsibility entrusted to us by the people from the first moment; to have been selected by the representatives is the embodiment of his demands and achievement and work to be completed. "

He noted "we have been since the first moment are keen on the unity of the Council and its cohesion and strength and performance of the role, so it has been and is still seen to be the expression of different views within this framework and invest democratic mechanisms guaranteed by the law and rules of procedure to him to express these views."

He continued, "There is no doubt that what happened during the last period stems from the keenness of everyone on the national interest, even if different views and methods of expression, some of which are within the law may be exceeded while just some of that freedom of speech means chaos and damage to public property and the prestige of the state and public discipline, and with everything that happened it will not change the hard and the final position on the issue of freedom of expression and peaceful protest, which is the inherent right guaranteed by the Constitution and the law and keep working cacophony be declined by everyone. "

And on the issue of reforms, said Jubouri that "reform in the deep and vital, effective and real concept is to achieve what he wishes and he is looking citizen who is not a formal action regarding changing positions of responsibility as far as he did result in a tangible effect awaited by the people," noting that "reform is achieved to initiate the executive bodies in support of basic services such as electricity, water and infrastructure and improving education and raising the standard of living of citizens and find practical solutions to unemployment and to compensate those affected by the terror of the people, in addition to supporting the displaced people and returned them and work to achieve stability and reconstruction in their areas. "

"The humanitarian situation in the logic of conflict in particular and the whole of Iraq in general suffers from significant problems in the service and security aspects, and the Iraqi people deserve most of the state has been a long time on waiting for him to achieve these simple requirements did not materialize It is time that everyone assumes their responsibility towards this National Order of Merit. "

He called al-Jubouri, the House of Representatives to "make every effort to support their organization by working on the adoption of the necessary legislation and control and accountability of the executive organs to ensure better performance to her, asking representatives of Anbar province from the House of Representatives to" presence in the battlefields and coexistence with them and support them to achieve victory the expeditious, God willing, ".anthy