Infallible: working to remove obstacles to the work of the political prisoners

Since 2016-05-29 at 13:42 (Baghdad time)

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President Fouad Massoum, Sunday, on a great effort to remove the obstacles to the functioning of the political prisoners.

She said the Presidency in a statement/balance news/copy, the "infallible greeted at the Peace Palace in Baghdad this morning, a delegation of the political prisoners under the chairmanship of President Hussein."

The statement added that "the President during the meeting pointed to the infallible struggles that claimed a slice of political prisoners against dictatorship and tyranny, to achieve freedom and democracy in the country, stressing the need for" continued attention and achieving their demands. "

Infallible stressed that "will do its utmost to eliminate obstacles to the functioning of the body and its plans to provide services to this segment, ministering and struggling."

Visiting delegation in turn according to the statement, "concise about tasks and problems that stand in the face of continuing and developing the work of the Commission".

He said, "the importance of the continued support of the President and work on financial and administrative problems, particularly as a slice of political prisoners deserve recognition and support. over 29/34