Correspondent [where]: The number of deputies present was not enough for the day session

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Agency correspondent said all of Iraq [where], the number of deputies present in parliament is not enough to hold the scheduled session on Sunday.

According to the reporter, who is in parliament, said that "the House of Representatives of the protesters is present as well as the vice-Liberal bloc," referring to "the presence of Kurdish MPs and other legislators from different political blocs, but their number is not enough yet, to complete the quorum for the meeting."

The House Speaker Salim al-Jubouri, met at his office on Sunday, a meeting of leaders of parliamentary blocs in which they discussed the parliamentary session scheduled for today's agenda.

Parliament is scheduled to resume today its meetings and that includes his vote on the extension of the legislative term agenda, support and outsourcing edit Fallujah operations and to discuss the humanitarian situation there, and discuss the security breaches and terrorist bombings that have occurred in other cities, Sadr City, and to discuss the economic situation and the loan of the World Bank. "

The Presidency of the Council of Representatives announced Tuesday an agreement with the heads of parliamentary blocs to resume the work of the parliament and the holding of meetings starting Sunday.

The Federal Supreme Court has not been resolved, at its Sunday its decision to appeal submitted by the House of Representatives of the protesters on the constitutionality of holding two sessions of the parliament meetings, on 13 and 16 of the month of April, and its deferred to the eighth of June.

He ruled as a vice and protesters holding today's meeting and make a consultation for the inability to reach a quorum.