Abadi cut some promises for the Kurds

SUN, 29 MAY 2016 12:19 | KDP.info
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BAGHDAD KDP.info- announced that Vice President of the Kurdistan Democratic Party bloc House of Representatives of Iraq, said the Kurdish blocs held Tuesday night meeting with Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, and that the latter were positive positions and cut some promises to the Kurds.

Dr. Tarek Kurdish official website of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, said a number of heads of Kurdish blocs met Tuesday night with the prime minister of a federal Iraq Haider al-Abadi in his office, and Tbagesoa with hot current situation on the Iraqi arena and the reasons that led to the events that took place at the headquarters of the House of Representatives and demonstrations and sit-ins, as well as ways to address differences and problems in Iraq, especially the relationship between the Kurdistan region and Iraq and the need for application materials and the terms of the Constitution.

He said Kurds we confirmed at the meeting on the need for the return of al-Abadi to the foundations and programs the government is formed, which included 20 paragraph has the approval of all parliamentary blocs in 2014 where he was granted Abadi confidence on the basis of this agreement, five of which belong to the Kurdistan Region, including the application of the provisions of Article 140 and the law of oil and gas, rehabilitate and arming the Peshmerga and the share of the Kurds from the federal government and the budget and genuine partnership for the Kurds and pay the dues of the region's debt and peasants of the federal government of the prices of the wheat marketed to them.

He said Vice President of the Kurdistan Democratic Party bloc that al-Abadi's position on the region was positive and he cut us and promises to address all the problems and differences and begin a serious dialogue with the Kurdistan Region with a view to resolving all the problems and come up with new and serious agreements, and that the two sides stressed the need for unity and cooperation and coordination in the fight against common enemy terrorists Daash.