Adviser to Ebadi: $ 20 billion worth of loans will get Iraq



Financial advisor to the Prime Minister revealed the appearance of Mohammed Saleh said that the amount of "international financial umbrella" will get Iraq estimated at approximately 20 billion dollars.

Saleh said in a press statement: What was with the International Monetary Fund called the Convention on the Stand-By Arrangements, and will begin working out at the first of next July, pointing out that Iraq Siqtrd under five billion and $ 400 million duration allow pay-standing three years.

Saleh added: The World Bank will give Iraq a loan of three billion dollars on favorable terms and for a long time to pay, noting that both the World Bank and the IMF different mechanisms for lending.

Financial advisor Ebadi explained that the total amount of borrowing from the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank is eight billion and $ 400 million, adding that the postponement of payments to the Iraqi debt by the Paris Club countries and compensation for the Kuwait war, would bring to Iraq leeway to cope with the current financial pressure.

Saleh continued: that Iraq Siqtrd nearly five billion dollars, an additional seven industrialized nations (Paris Club), such as Italy, Germany and JICA Japan International Cooperation, pointing out that the total loans, both from the International Monetary Fund or the World Bank or major industrialized nations, with the postponement of payment dues of Kuwait and those of the Paris Club, ranging from 19 to 20 billion dollars.

And Saleh that the college financial umbrella to borrow will be between 19 to 20 billion dollars, and in the shade will be the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank loan as well as receivables that were postponed or will postpone constitute funding Like borrowing.

So called parliamentary finance committee member of Haider al-Kaabi, on Saturday, members of his committee to hold an "emergency meeting" to discuss the rise in the dollar, while the central bank called for a new mechanism to curb the appreciation of the dollar's exchange rate against the dinar Alaraca.oukal

Kaabi in a press statement: Commission Finance in the House of Representatives held an emergency meeting to discuss the reasons for the high price of the dollar against the Iraqi dinar, which significantly affected and the citizen simple is Khas.oadav Kaabi, the country's economy: some banks are directly responsible for the rise in dollar prices, calling on the central bank develop new mechanisms to prevent dollar rises, preventing private banks from manipulating the prices of the dollar.

The currency market has seen a significant rise in the dollar's exchange rate against the Iraqi dinar, until he reached the significant levels did not arrive for more than eight years, at a time when experts in economic affairs, warned of the repercussions of the dollar rise in the price of food and goods.