Abadi Kurdistan calls to send a delegation to Baghdad

PM: 11:47:28/05/2016

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Iraqi Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abbadi called Kurdistan, political and Government delegation sent to resolve differences between Baghdad and Arbil have vowed Kurdistan countrified dues effective on wheat crop for the year 2014, during the month of tmozr.

These remarks came after meeting a delegation Abadi of the Iraqi-Kurd deputies in the lower House, on Saturday evening.

The Kurdish delegation included Aram Sheik Mohammed, Deputy Speaker of the House or President Jalal Talabani the PUK block parliamentary and Brad گردي Deputy KDP hoshiar block Abdullah, Chairman of the mass change in the Iraqi Parliament.

Hoshyar said Abdullah, Chairman of the mass change in the Iraqi Council of representatives to "cheat", the Kurdish delegation during the meeting criticized Abadi to not lose it even now, two fronts against the terrorist, "ISIS," failure to apply the principle of partnership.

Hoshiar Abdollah stressed, the Kurdish delegation also discussed with the pilot salaries and benefits issue Abadi peasants of Kurdistan, noting that during the meeting he explained Abadi issued a decision, the territory's countrified dues season 2014, during the seventh month.

According to Abdullah, the Abadi called the territory to send a political and governmental delegation to visit Baghdad to resolve differences between Baghdad and Erbil.

Abdullah noted that Abbadi, suggested the presence of a delegation of Kurdistan in Baghdad for a long time, not to identify specific period visit, in order to reach radical solutions to differences.

As he explained the Kurdish delegation, that fight is not in the interest of Kurdistan referendum at this time.