War: The use of the media experts of the Federal Court in the case of Parliament approves the law

2016-05-28 23:26:08 | (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad

Legal expert Tareq Harb, said the take over of the Federal Supreme Court in its last Wednesday with the help of three experts from professors in the Faculty of Information to provide technical and scientific expertise to consider an appeal of Representatives approves the protesters holding the provisions of law.

He said Hhrb in a statement that " the use of the court by three experts from the professors in the Faculty of Information to provide technical and scientific expertise to consider an appeal of Representatives protesters hold approves the provisions of the law, proof No. 107 of 1979 and the law of experts before the courts No. 163 of 1964 and the rules of procedure of the Supreme Court for the year 2005".

He said the "Iraqi legal system , like all legal systems in the world gives the courts the power to use to employers experience, competence and knowledge in the technical and scientific issues do not worsen legal issues because it is the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts and the reason for this lies in that some of the issues that can not be defined by the judges, but owners need to experience competence as a case of the death , for example , may be due to Jeremy accumulated venom may be a medical condition Kahchae normal heart muscle so it shall assist the Court to employers experience in forensic medicine to determine the cause of death. "

He pointed out war "in these days There have been many cases of fraud and see if the defendant is the one who took over the fraud or other back to the forensic department experience , for example , nor can the court and the judges decide on this issue, but it is up to the experts , and so for many situations."

And "of these cases are reported in the case before either the Federal Supreme Special Court sessions of Parliament that took place in the month of April 2016, which will be on Sunday as the date for the second session of the Court in this case so that some of the documents were in the form of movies Vdioah and see how many of those present."

He continued , "If those films have been exposed to a montage of whether or not the account number of members of parliament , according to numerous pictures a matter of experience Court asked the professors and media experts to answer them so that the number of 165 deputies and more make up a quorum either that number was less than that , it is a quorum is not achieved and the consequent so nullity and annulment hearing what happened from the decisions and actions , especially since the meeting on 26.04.2016 were excluded included five new ministers. "

He said the legal expert , "Well the Federal Court did leave this topic for experts who offer their expertise report to the court which has to accept the report of the experience and not reject the report of the experience provided to specify the reasons for rejection, as well as her and opponents asked five new other experts experience and this is what is prescribed in the law of evidence ".

" The legal experts had assumed before the judges streamlining administrative matters own experts where there is a committee of experts in each appellate district [province] and select law the terms of an expert such as nationality artistic and scientific, rehabilitation and good conduct and that the committee is giving them a vacation experience and take disciplinary things their own open a roster of experts and punish note that if the expert charged by the court not be registered in the roster , he must be sworn in before the court to perform its sincerity and honesty but if I was registered in the roster is not subject needs oath because he had already been performed by the registration in the roster of experts ".