The House of Representatives calls for journalists to cover the meeting on Sunday

Published in: 22:58, May 28, 2016

BAGHDAD - Local - opinion -

The House of Representatives called for accredited journalists will have to cover the proceedings of the meeting on Sunday.

The source said, "Given the importance of the day Sunday session and the importance of the agenda, which includes support for military operations in Anbar, and to discuss the economic profile of international assistance to Iraq in addition to the security file in Baghdad and criminal bombings and other areas of the capital's Sadr City drew Presidency of the Council of Representatives to invite all media accredited to the the information department in the House of Representatives of the prohibitions tomorrow to the council building and cover the activities of the session. "

He noted that "access will be through the Authorization for accredited journalists only to the Council of Representatives."

It is said that some of the media picked up the news of the existence of intention by the House of Representatives to move the venue of journalists and media to the outside walls of the Council, while stressing a member of the board of the Presidency of the Council of Representatives, Sheikh Hamoudi, the chairman of the parliament did not decide until now, has not taken a decision to reduce the moment only the transport center journalist from the parliament building, or find an alternate location.

The Director General of the Department's media for the House of Representatives Mohammed Abubakar explained that "the requirements of the organization of the House of Representatives offices require the transfer of the information department outside the Palais des Congres," noting that "very old and this decision has been four circles transfer and delayed the process of transferring the press center inside the Palais des Congres" .anthy