Chairman of the parliament went to invite journalists to cover tomorrow's meeting

May 28, 2016 22:01
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He directed Presidency of the Council of Representatives, Saturday, inviting journalists to come to the House of Representatives and its cover for tomorrow.

In a statement the presidency said it was "directed to invite all media accredited to the information department in the House of Representatives to attend tomorrow to the council building and cover the activities of the session."

And it added the presidency that this was "because of the importance of tomorrow session and the importance of the agenda, which includes support for military operations in Anbar, and to discuss the economic profile of international assistance to Iraq in addition to the security file in Baghdad and criminal bombings and other areas of the capital's Sadr City."

The Information Office of the Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri announced on Tuesday (24 May 2016), that the presidency of the Council formally decided to hold a session of parliament on Sunday (29 May 2016).