Brigades military media: ⚫akhr field developments in the definitive liberation of Falluja operations (No. 67) until at 17: 30 | Saturday, 05/28/2016

May 28, 2016 21:21
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1_ Ashura Brigades and the Iraqi army to achieve its objective and up to Maftool Bridge and succeed wrap on the enemy, and to meet with the Imam Ali, the band shortly before the forces of peace amid the joys and Ahaseg sons of the popular crowd with this victory.

2_ popular crowd forces able to gain access to (the next puncture) of Saqlawiyah north of Fallujah, and is able to kill a number of elements Daash.

3_ forces kill leading the crowd in Daash "Abu Abdul Majeed" and targeting the movements of the enemy and destroy its mechanisms in the selected villages.

4_ find a large plant for the manufacture of "improvised explosive devices" north of Fallujah.

5_ Imam Ali peace be upon him Task forces killed a number of terrorists in the area near the Albohgel Maftool Bridge.

6_ Imam Ali brigade combat forces, peace be upon him make significant progress on the edge of the Tigris arm adjacent to the area Albohgel.

7_ Zaid Regiment troops martyr of the band Imam Ali combat kills the sniper Daashaa Albohgel central area of ​​missile and bomb backing Daash sites in support of the forces of Ashura Brigades in the same cutter.

8_ Ashura Brigades blockade applied to a set of elements Daash central Albohgel.

9_ Ashura Brigades and the Iraqi army killed in fighting on Friday, more than 15 terrorists, including five foreigners from Saudi citizenship.