Central banking companies accused of using "forged documents" .. and the Finance Committee confirms ownership of politicians

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Central banking companies accused of using "forged documents" .. and the Finance Committee confirms ownership of politicians

The face of the Iraqi Central Bank on Saturday, a direct charges for banking financial companies and conversion, using "forged documents and not to supplement the local market in hard currency," while the parliamentary Finance Committee confirmed that "the majority of those companies return of Iraqi politicians."

He said the Board of the Central Bank board member Ahmed Rehn in a press statement, "The role of the private sector and banking offices are still quite negative in the foreign exchange market," noting that "the private sector has been unable to supplement the local market an additional offer of foreign currency, either through exports or attracting foreign investment or otherwise, for the preoccupation with obtaining that currency for purposes not inconsistent with the interests of Iraq, its economic stability. "

He called Rehn, to "make the banking partner of the Iraqi Central Bank in the foreign exchange market to become as a wholesale foreign currency similar to wholesalers for goods, to provide the needy with estimated taking into account the national interests of traders," revealing "non-possession, central bank data or information on how the currency move window sell the currency, or from other sources, the fact that the private sector offers him inaccurate information and false documents. "

The member of the board of the central bank, that "the central bank should not meet all requests for foreign currency because that is draining international reserves quickly," noting that there are "shops sell foreign currency and buy what requires the central bank scrutiny exchange companies between now and then."

Rehn stressed that "the number of exchange companies is very significant about can not be with him to the Directorate General for the banking and credit control in the CBI, the monitor," pointing out that "Iraq lacks a solid firms can monitor banking companies and to ensure its commitment to banking controls."

For her part, member of the Finance Committee in the House of Representatives Majida al-Tamimi, said that "the work of exchange companies is limited to the transfer of funds abroad without taking into account the balance in the amount of foreign currency emerging and entering the country," attributed the reasons to "the fact that the local environment is not encouraging for the survival of these funds inside Iraq, especially since most who have received funds legal or illegal manner, he transformed them to invest abroad. "

He confirmed al-Tamimi, the "exchange companies did not contribute to the support of monetary policy or development operations inside Iraq, and the central bank not controlled by the only words without deeds, as is the case with the announcement of the provision of the dollar for those who wish to travel abroad for medical treatment or study."

Promised a member of the parliamentary finance committee, said: "Misfortune auction currency is still going on despite the drawbacks and the existence of alternatives through practical mechanisms for the dollar," revealing "certain to prove possession of many politicians and influential corporate banking information."

She called Tamimi, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, to "intervene to stop the auction of the currency," pointing out that "Abadi previously was chairman of the Finance Committee in Parliament and he knows already know the guts and cons auction currency and sweet effective to address the subject in order to serve the national economy."

She Tamimi, he "already suggested a sophisticated financial system, in which international experts, and submitted to the secretary of the prime minister, Abu Nofal barns, in November 2015 the past," Msttrdh "I have not received any response on the proposal so far."