Erect solar panels on houses in Najaf

2016/5/28 14:14

{Baghdad: Euphrates news}

basher UNDP experts United Nations, Saturday, erected a number of solar energy systems on residential compound housing the first Betty venture, which operates as a friend to the environment.

The Director said the Commissioner set Shafi'i for trade, industry and General Contracting Saad gadou Shafi'i in statement {Euphrates news} copy of it today, "UN experts and staff from the solar company WaveLab Swedish were since Friday morning erecting solar panels on the number of residential units in the complex housing the Group executes Betty under an earlier agreement between the United Nations and Shafi'i group which is the first investment project in Iraq."

He was selected as the number of residential homes as a first stage to apply renewable energy experience that represent solar ", explaining that" the coming days will see a monument after power generation systems from international airport of Najaf. "

He was in charge of the energy sector and the climate and water in the UNDP in Iraq Tarek Islam had called local government in Najaf to cooperation and coordination with the United Nations in the field of renewable energy, hoping, pleased with what he saw in the first apartment house complex delivery, implementation and application of solar experience, stressing, the importance of renewable and clean energy to create a healthy and integrated society.