Abadi looking this evening with the Kurdistan blocks return of Parliament deputies

2016/5/28 0:56

[In Baghdad]

Meet the Prime Minister Haider Abadi, Saturday evening, with the heads of the Kurdistan blocs to discuss the return of Kurdish deputies to Parliament.

JI said the head of the parliamentary block, Ahmed Haji Rashid, "Abadi is scheduled to meet at 8:00 p.m. on Saturday, with the heads of the Kurdistan blocs, to discuss the Kurdish deputies return to Baghdad.

"So far undecided the issue of participation of all deputies Kurd in Parliament session scheduled for Sunday or not."

Heads the Kurdistan blocks, placed before a meeting with the Iraqi Prime Minister, as one of the conditions for the return of Kurdish deputies to Baghdad, after a group of demonstrators stormed Parliament on 30 April last, the assault on the House and the number of Kurdish parliamentarians.

The Chief of the parliamentary block of the PUK but both Talabani announced on May 22 that the bloc will attend the upcoming Parliament session and discuss all failures inside the dome of the Council.
The Federal Supreme Court postponed Wednesday's meeting proceedings challenge the constitutionality of the House session last month to Sunday after he heard pleading sued parties [House protestors] and [Parliament].