Abbas Bayati: we are ready to complete a quorum

May 28, 2016

The National Alliance mp Abbas Al-Bayati, Saturday, that the components of the Alliance attend the House meeting scheduled on Sunday, noting that the legal perspective will exceed 170 deputies.

Al-Bayati said in an interview that "there are assurances from several parties National Alliance to attend tomorrow, such as Deputy of the Supreme Council and the Badr organization and the Islamic Dawa party, and a large part of the independents, and a stream of reform", stating that "Kurds have the positive attitude of the meeting, as well as a large part of the Union forces.

Bayati added that "the quorum for the session will be achieved unless a technical impediment to prevent held", adding that "the number of deputies would reach 170 or 172.

Bayati stressed that "pending the Federal Court's decision on the request of some lawmakers for past meetings, does not preclude a meeting tomorrow."