Babylon's health vows to opening Turkish hospital within weeks.

2016/05/28 13:56


Babil Health Department pledged on Saturday, with the opening of the Turkish hospital project with a capacity of 400 beds during weeks, confirmed that the building and the receipts of medical devices have reached advanced stages, with provincial Council expressed interest in completing the hospital reopened ASAP.

Babil province health Director said Norris Razak told alksbi (long press), "the coming weeks will see the opening of the Turkish hospital (Imam Sadiq hospital), where currently the first receipts for most medical devices and services, in addition to building the hospital by joint commissions and the problem by the Ministry and the Department of health of Babylon", stressing that "receipts reached advanced stages, and work is ongoing to create medical and health and technical cadres."

"Alksbi," the Ministry of health and the Department of health of Babylon is making great efforts to open the hospital the largest medical said in the province, "returned to" desperately in need of hospital services to its diverse, modern medical devices.

Babylon's health Director, said that "many meetings of hospital administration and resident engineer and company representatives, which discuss all aspects to expedite the opening of the hospital," revealing "apply to the County Council, providing power for hospital cleaning and greening outdoor spaces of the hospital and provide the necessary protection, which in turn responded to those demands."

The Health Committee Chairwoman said Babylon Council gift in the gully (range), that "the new downtown of Hilla Hospital project carried out by the Turkish company is an integrated medical city includes more than 400 beds at a cost of more than $ 130 million," "hospital" sign is a reluctant projects which laid him in early July of 2009 and a complete timely identified b 1000 days ".

She read "the gully, the project encountered many problems and obstacles encountered implementation processes", asserting that "conservative management is very interested in completing the hospital reopened ASAP, because the urgent need for his services.

Babil Health Department was announced on 17 January 2016, about 95% of the completed draft Turkish hospital with 400 beds, and stressed that the opening of the hospital will be during the next two months, and indicated that the province would see a "remarkable medical Renaissance" in the next few days, the Health Ministry issued instructions to reduce remuneration review health institutions.

Babil Province Council, in March 2015, to work in Turkish hospital reached 90%, and noted that the hospital is supposed to be completed by the end of last year, he drew a link down the hospital.

Former Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki inaugurated, (27 April 2014), Turkish 492 capacity hospital beds.