The Baghdad operations command, killed 110 terrorists and evacuate 2030 people from the northern axis karma.

May 28, 2016, 12:48 pm

According to a statement of operations, "actively and resolutely unrelenting continue our security forces in Baghdad operations command and almtghavlh units with the implementation process of duty [edit Fallujah] axis of Northern vine and alboshagl axis and the flames, and the axis of a bridge Apple, and the popular crowd and clan fighters, flying army, air force and coalition aircraft, artillery and engineering corps.

"The results were within the [24] hours, 110 terrorists, killed and injured 20 others, destroying 18 wheel one bomb and seven of them carrying single weapon, adjust belt manufacture materials and explosive belts, addressing 535 IED, destroying three mining plants quality Caterpillar, address 20 house exploded.

It has also been destroying "39 den position throw the enemy, clearing a road length of 19 km and arched from IEDs, and destroyed four motorcycles [sattuta] loaded with gear.

The Baghdad operations command, referred to "evacuate 507 families composed of [2030] someone definitive through safe corridors within the responsibility of the sixth and 14th Infantry Division.