Formation of 5 new regiments of clans to participate free Fallujah.

Since 2016-05-28 11:58 (Baghdad time)

Special balance news

Advisor to the Secretary General of the organization said Badr Hadi Ameri, stumbled on Saturday, forming five new regiments of clans to participate in editing the Fallujah, noting there are three million displaced anbari living under difficult circumstances.

He stumbled, l/balance "-there are three million displaced people living in difficult conditions, living outdoors, emphasizing the need to" accelerate the edits, the fact that it contributes to expedite the return of families and lift them out of their situation. "

He added that "five new regiments were formed from the sons of the tribes of Fallujah to free dinthm," adding that "they have much information about the movements of the" Islamic State "in the region, and that the security forces hired to provide that information.

Ameri Adviser, stressed that "the goal of the battle to free families and elimination of ISIS", pointing out that encircle Fallujah, troops on standby in the event of a formal resolution process.

He was commander in Chief of the armed forces, Haidar Abadi announced on Monday (May 23, 2016), Launchpad emancipation Fallujah from terrorists "ISIS".