The Central Bank stopped 300 financial and banking transfer company dealing

Economic page

May 27, 2016 4:45 pm

Detect press article published Friday, the arrival of an American Committee competent financial intelligence Department personnel to Baghdad and set them up at the American Embassy for the expansion for the purpose of coordinating with the Central Bank.

The author of the article said, "it was depriving 300 wire transfer company and banking deal, where the Central Bank is supplied weekly with information on Iraqi firms and banks on suspicion of smuggling money or fraud or money laundering,

Pointing out that "the Bank performs its recommendations provided by literally every week with information on Iraqi firms and banks on suspicion of smuggling money or fraud or money laundering."

"The Central Bank is committed to full compliance" with the Commission's instructions, by the author of the article which he modified and revised instructions that allow entry of a currency auction.

According to the article that the Iraqi Central Bank Governor meeting on Wednesday, relations with Iraqi banking and financial institutions informed them that the policy of the Central Bank is the Central Bank and the former would keep ten only banks operating in Iraqi financial market, and threatened to adopt "ratings" by the Central Bank.

According to the author of the article, the relationship that "wants to protect his country and declare a time auctioneer basketball for banks, he also knows for sure the disaster that may occur," warning of the possibility of the American Commission on u.s. Embassy instructions names of companies be frozen or suspended from work for the purpose of investigation or warrant these companies shut down permanently and forwarding all to eliminate, not only fined by the Central Bank of Iraq.

His article warns of collapse of credit status in Iraq if the us Embassy Commission informed the Central Bank of Iraq "five or six names of Iraqi banks, where its is frozen and transferred to courts and tribunals, to be the Central Bank obliged to act in accordance with the Committee's recommendations.

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