Washington announces the participation of four thousand sunny edit Fallujah.

First Published: 2016-05-27

Coalition spokesman confirms that the popular crowd militias will remain outside the city and would have no combat role in battle.

Fallujah (Iraq)-

spokesman for the international coalition to fight the Islamic State that Iraqi Government forces and Sunnis fighters who will liberate Fallujah and entry regulation, stressing that there would be no role for the popular crowd militia in battle.

Warren said there were four thousand fighters from the Sunni clans involved in fighting in Fallujah, those forces with Iraqi security forces that will restore the city.

The first time Sunni forces involved in offensive operations against the Islamic State by us officials.

And through responsible welcomed the move and said in a press statement that "the participation of the Sunni militia for the first time in offensive operations on militants of the terrorist organization is a new and important element in the military operation to liberate the city."

They pointed out that Sunni armed with light weapons and machine guns mounted on trucks. That is expected to play a major role in the Sunni clans edit town and to prevent opportunities for the emergence of Islamic State again in Fallujah after restore.

Colonel Warren also denied having any cooperation or coordination with the popular crowd, and assured that the airline alliance offers no air cover for these militias.

He stressed that the popular crowd militia would have no combat role in operations, and will remain outside the city walls, and will not enter at all.

The us Defense Department, indicate that the total number of troops in the battle of Fallujah, up to 33 thousand with the Iraqi army forces and compute the Sunni groups combined.

And in return the United Nations Thursday renewed its appeal to all warring parties in Iraq should make every effort to protect civilians in Fallujah, and maintain the infrastructure of the city, in accordance with the principles of international law, against a background of joint Iraqi forces Monday started a military operation (continued), to free the city from Islamic State.

Deputy spokesman for the UN Secretary General, Farhan Haq, told a press conference at the UN headquarters in New York, "while the liberalization of Fallujah, urged UN Mission Coordinator for Humanitarian Affairs in Iraq, Jan Kubis, strongly, all parties need to do everything possible to protect civilian lives, and maintain the infrastructure of the city, in accordance with the principles relating to human rights and international humanitarian law."

The Iraqi Government is trying to restore the city, then head north towards Mosul, to launch a broader military campaign to expel the Organization of the latter, which is considered his stronghold in the country's President, before the end of the year.

The city of Fallujah dominated Islamic State since the end of 2013, after the withdrawal of security forces, imposing a terrorist organization under house arrest residents and prevent exit and use them as human shields.