Religious authority emphasizes the attention to people with fighters and martyrs of the protection of civilians during the fighting expanded {}

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{Karbala: Euphrates News} stressed supreme religious authority to pay attention to people with the martyrs of the security forces, and the popular crowd, calling on fighters to the need to protect civilians during the liberation operations, and took shelter rid of their enemy.

The representative of the supreme authority in holy city of Karbala, Mr. Ahmed net during Friday prayers in the courtyard Husseini Bible, attended by Agency correspondent {Euphrates News}, "in this great days when Oazatna engaged in the armed forces and federal police, and supported by volunteer heroes, sons of the tribes fervent, intense battles to defeat terrorism Aldaasha for other parts of the immaculate land of Iraq, we must stand up to applaud admire and reverence for these blessed men on their victories, and their heroism, and sacrifice, and dedication to the defense of their homeland, and their people, and their holy places. "
"We do not find words as a statement meet their fate and status, and we can only say: You really-term deal, and the greatest Agra and Msoubh from all of Swakm, oh I wish we were with you Vnfoz a great victory."
He said Mr. Safi "The martyrs who have risen to the Jinan mole Amadrgen their blood pure, what can we tell them, and God said:" {Think not of those killed in the way of Allah dead, but alive and well in the Lord (169) rejoice in what God gave them of His bounty and rejoice those who did not catch them from behind not fear, nor shall they grieve (170) rejoice the grace of God and the grace that God does not waste the reward of the believers}. "
The representative of the religious authority on the need for attention to the wounded of the security forces, the popular crowd, and the sons of the tribes, saying, "The wounded who were injured in the arena of confrontation of terrorists, the God Saatehm their reward twice, once on the jihad, and again for their patience and endurance of what had suffered from harm in the process , but how great is our duty towards them in their care, and care for them and relieve their pain, and to secure a decent life for them. "
He stressed the care of the families of martyrs, noting, "The martyrs' widows and their orphans, and other relatives Vikvehm pride in what came to religion, and the nation of martyrs Cram, but duty towards them the greatest; because they have lost their loved ones and once enjoyed the carers in their living conditions, they must find us from the attention and care what compensates even than those lost Pfrac esteemed part. "
Mr. Safi pointed out that "two years have passed since Iraqis Hab to defend their country and their people, and their holy places in front of the attack barbaric Aldaashah, has made during this period, thousands of martyrs, and weaken that of the wounded, but they did not dictate was not tired from fighting the terrorists, and still steadfast in various fronts, but they are getting more determined to continue their struggle in defense to the last inch of the homeland of the abomination of these obscurantists cleansing. "
He pointed out that "everyone contributed in this great Chiba showdown, the young, old, young, men, and women, and are still continuing to do so, some of them involved is physically present at the battle fronts, and some of them take part with his money by providing what is needed fighters supplies, etc. The peace of God be upon you from the people of steadfast patience, Saber stunned the world, and steadfastness. "
And invited the representative of the religious reference to the need to protect civilians in areas where edits, that "we emphasize the heroic fighters need to provide protection of innocent civilians, and rid of sheltered by the enemy of them all available means", on his way to talk to the militants, saying, "Know that saving the innocent, which surrounds its most important and greatest risk of targeting the enemy, and eliminate it, Fabzloa utmost efforts to secure the lives of civilians, and the removal of harm from them. " Ended h

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