Seven: We support the sovereignty of Iraq and are working to provide $ 3.6 billion to help him 5/27/2016

مقروئة  {international: the Euphrates news} confirmed the leaders of the seven major their commitment to the support unit Iraq, and sovereignty, pointing out that the "their countries will mobilization to provide more than 3.6 billion in the framework of bilateral assistance". Leaders said a seven countries, the day in a joint statement, after the summit held for two days in Japan, "we are committed to بدعمنا continuous unit, and sovereignty, territorial integrity of Iraq Iraqi people, as well as the support of the efforts of the Iraqi government accelerate reforms political, economic, and promote the National reconciliation". Praised the leaders of the States to "the efforts of Iraqi forces in their struggle against داعش", calling the international community to support the Iraqi government stabilization in areas that have been edited by داعش. They according to the statement commitment to expedite to provide support for the efforts of Iraq efforts in the face of the challenge of financial, and promote its economy through the reforms, coordination with the international monetary fund, international financial institutions other. He pointed statement "in this context, the group of seven countries will mobilization to provide more than 3.6 billion in the framework of bilateral assistance, and forms of financial support to the other update of support and submitted by the international financial institutions". Referred to be one of the main topics in the set-top seven is a risk extremism terrorist attacks around the world, especially in public areas soft, as it called leaders to efforts mass, and coordinated to fight this risk {urgent} in the threat of global security. وجددوا تأكيدهم that "it is necessary the international community to make more collective efforts, and coordinated pressing against this security threat the world, and we applaud the efforts of counter-terrorism intense that have been made already globally, regional and at the duo, and on the local level". And follow the leaders of the States in their statement, "we continue to work together to prevent the flow of foreign fighters terrorists, and related to terrorism and equipment", مجددين their commitment to "CFT". Ended ح