Urgent . Launch of the second page of the military operations of Amiriyah Fallujah towards a bridge Apple

التحریر:: 2016/5/27 10:30

{Anbar: Euphrates News}

Friday launched the second page of the military operations to free the areas of Amiriyah Fallujah toward Southeast Fallujah Apple bridge.

Prescriptive command said Colonel eighth party transactions Sirhan Tahir {Euphrates news}, that "automatic infantry pieces set off to the second page of their military operations, the Amiriyah Fallujah toward Apple bridge West of the Euphrates River.

"Military aviation is scientific attribution, artillery battalion".

And launched a major military operation last Wednesday to free an island, and the intersection of southern Fallujah.

Anbar Operations Commander major General Ismail s, l {Euphrates news}, that "a military operation started by automatic infantry pieces 8 progress of Amiriyah Fallujah until the intersection of peace towards the Euphrates, pieces of x band to free the island of Khalidiya toward Japanese bridge; to meet with task force 14.

And prescriptive security sectors moved a GE today, eighth district {gravel} down to the intersection of Southern Eastern Anbar city of Fallujah.

Prescriptive command said Colonel Taher, hilarious ensemble movements for "{Euphrates news} prescriptive band moved towards an area {gravel} West side of Amiriyah Fallujah down to the intersection of peace", stating that "the troops advancing according to plans", adding that "military operations are going on a regular basis. Over 55 h