The Interior Minister thanks demonstrators they postponed their protests

Since 2016-05-27 at 00:14 (Baghdad time)

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Interior Minister Mohamed thanked Republican White House hopefuls fought, demonstrators have postponed their protests and said they have a responsibility.

Republican White House hopefuls fought said in a statement/balance of news/copy "extend thanks and gratitude to all decent people who stood faithfully and enthusiastically alongside their fellow fighters heroes in the fields of the brave response to terrorist gangs aldaashi particularly in Fallujah, which is preparing for deliverance from oppressive families and murderers."

"I salute those citizens who have the responsibility and they decided to postpone their demonstrations in support of their fellow fighters and bypassing the opportunity for predators, security and territorial integrity of our country."

"Thanks to all the jealous heart beats love Iraq and ensure stability and security." He noted what he called "a sense of high responsibility of the faithful and loyal to their beloved".

Republican White House hopefuls fought, Interior Minister Mohammad stressed the Iraqis and intended to demonstrate their obligation to comply with the orders and instructions issued by the Baghdad operations command on the need to obtain prior approval to pretend that otherwise would be protesters gathered anywhere without endorsements to due process.

The protesters decided to suspend and defer the usual time Friday and tomorrow. According to a statement by the Coordinating Committee of the protests ' protesters demonstrated during the past 10 months and their position clearly and insisted they are heroic to pursue peaceful and non-violence towards ahdafm which are the goals of all Iraqi people.

He attributed their decision to the protesters ' statement victory valiant Takeda army our raising Iraq's Word above all "and they said" we declare our demonstration postponed Friday until further notice sets out later. The statement stressed that the demonstrations ' coming back stronger than before, and that we will not diminish our resolve and never relents, we corrupt the lookout '.

The Prime Minister Haider Abadi had called today to postpone events ' until the liberation of Fallujah our troops engaged in edits and this battle requires considerable effort and demonstrations, put pressure on our troops to provide the necessary protection, ' adding that ' funky enemy and caution is needed because terrorism exploits any gaps you may have. He warned the Prime Minister's Office issued this evening that ' certain groups Friday intends to do a dangerous escalation and a country at war ' and the Interior Ministry, security alert in Baghdad. Over p h n