DHI Muthanna is accused of obstructing an oil project "colleague" and waving to take action to stop the "excesses".

2016/05/27 13:29


Oil and natural resources Committee, accused in the Dhi Qar, Friday, local government flexor tendon to disrupt major oil depot project takes place on its territory, (350 km south of Baghdad), indicating that the local Government would take appropriate measures to put an end to those "excesses".

The Committee Chairman, said Yahya almsharvaoi, a (range), that "the large warehouse for crude oil, which is being implemented within the limits of the province, near the border with Basra, Samawah, City status (250 km south of Baghdad), faces several problems," Noting that the Muthanna management prevents the passage of personnel and machinery and equipment owned by the Chinese project executing CPP road which passes through its territory. "

Almsharvaoi added, "the Government flexor tendon and the Chinese company's oil Ministry demanding that their employment is exclusively, although the warehouse located within the Dhi and the road only within their borders", stating that it "has obstructed the arrival of machinery and equipment for the warehouse, and Park it in the ports of Basra."

The Chairman of the Committee, said that the Chinese company had not completed the project of complex and did not start in the warehouse as a result of objections Muthanna, "pointing out that" the warehouse card would surpass the four million barrels, is our special Qar, strategically export oil from its fields and those in Basra. "

Almsharvaoi stressed that "QAR recorded by several irregularities and cases are committed by the Muthanna management or administrative borders against companies where employees were expelled in Lukoil working in vamp tenth exploratory Qar and Muthanna, pressing the company to limit handling Government flexor tendon away from the QAR oil fields as scheduled from the Ministry of oil," accused "Government flexor tendon that they expel businesses and then negotiate with them to the conditions of Regarding recruitment of staff. "

County councilor, stressed that "Energy Commission informed the Governor of Dhi Qar provincial Council Presidency about your transgressions and are taking steps to address the problem, either through direct encounters with Muthanna and negotiate with management or by other means."

The oil Ministry signed in (7th of November 2012), a final contract with the Russian company Lukoil Coalition wanbeks Japanese to invest vamp tenth oil licenses tour exploratory 4 announced by the Ministry, while oil field authority in Dhi (16 March 2013), launching the first phase of oil exploration in vamp tenth exploratory Dhi Qar and Muthanna by Russian company Lukoil Coalition wanbeks Japanese.