Al-Riyadh newspaper official: Fallujah operation besting the Iraqi side clearly

Views: 68 Published on: 27/5/2016, 10:09

BAGHDAD / Hassan Shammari:

The official Saudi Al-Riyadh newspaper confirmed, on Friday, the lack of balance in terms of numbers and even the kit between Iraqi forces to participate in the liberation of Fallujah, regulate "Daash", pointing out that it makes us realize that excellence will be clearly to the Iraqi side.

The newspaper said in an article published in its issue today, and seen by "Sky Press," that "according to information Preparing members of the organization" Daash "terrorist in the city of Fallujah, up to about a thousand fighters, while the number of Iraqi troops involved 22 thousand," adding that " this comparison makes us aware not balanced in terms of numbers and even the kit between the parties, and we are facing a process in which the Iraqi side beats clearly. "

The newspaper urged that "operations are more focused on their goals, and were taken at random framework aimed at instilling fear in the hearts of the trapped civilians already inside the city and barred from leaving because of" Daash "threats executed publicly families within the city in the intended message provoke horror they have and prevent them as well as to raise the white flags above their homes. "

The newspaper added that "the government is willing to take advantage of the liberalization of Fallujah points in strengthening its weak, but the process must be completed in order to ensure the sustainability of security in this city, which has suffered greatly since the US occupation."

The Al-Riyadh newspaper confirmed the first on Wednesday, that the liberation of the city of Fallujah operations from the control of the organization "Daash" terrorist sovereign right of the Iraqi state, noting that it can not interfere with it or to question his intentions.