Badr parliamentary calls for members of the House to put aside their differences and come to a comprehensive parliamentary session

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The head of the Badr parliamentary bloc MP Qassem al-Araji, on Friday, members of the House to leave the differences and "biting the surgeon" the actor and the audience for the parliamentary session, "a comprehensive and unified,"

while protesters appealed to the House of Representatives, "the blood of martyrs and the fighters tournaments and patience of Iraqis and all the holy sites" to attend the joint action and activation of the House of Representatives.

They said in a statement briefed "Iraq law," a copy of it, we were "at a time when we bless our people and patient victories of his sons, heroes of the popular crowd and forces and security clans heroine, we call on all the love and devotion House members to leave the political differences and biting the surgeon," stressing the need for "active presence of comprehensive unified session to resolve differences and put the problems under the dome of the parliament (people's House)."

He said al-Araji, so attendance is a "declaration of our sons and our brothers the fighters that the House of Representatives all its components stand with them morally and politically they Istron epics in the face of terrorism Aldaasha Bgah Age."

He said al-Araji "for the Iraqi people must know that we have made strenuous efforts to call collect, unite and end the state of division within the Parliament."

He appealed to al-Araji, the protestors of Representatives, "the blood of martyrs and Tdhaathm inimitable, and trophies fighters they give us victories, and the patience of the Iraqi people proud people, and all the holy sites to be your attitude positive to come and work together to activate the House of Representatives to lead the legislative role and oversight,"stressing that "we are all the children of this country Aziz in compound and one in front of the enemy of my destiny, and one is to organize Daash terrorist. "

He said al-Araji, that "the House of Representatives constitute another victory added to the victories of our sons and our brothers in Fallujah and the rest of the definitive cutouts against al Daash terrorist."

Decided Presidency of the Council of Representatives, Tuesday (24 May 2016), meeting of the Council held on Sunday, noting that the agenda of the meeting will include a reshuffle if requested by Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, it called on the concerned authorities to provide "adequate security guarantees" for the meeting.

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