Tahrir protesters decide to postpone their demonstrations for tomorrow until further notice

2016-05-26 21:54:09 | (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad

Tahrir Square protesters decided on Thursday to postpone their demonstrations for tomorrow until further notice, stressing that the demonstrations will return "stronger" than before.

In a statement to the demonstrators Tahrir Square: "I Otpettm during the past ten months and clarity of your position and HH goals and heroic insistence on pursuing a peaceful and non - violence in order to achieve the goals that are the goals of all the Iraqi people."

The statement added that " the government has tried, along with the corrupt parties mislead public opinion through leveled various charges peaceful Bhrakkm who became an example of the peoples of the world," stressing said , "What crime last Friday and repression of demonstrators which resulted in the martyrdom of a constellation of our young people and injuring dozens of them and the arrest of dozens but other evidence of this government approach violent ongoing since February 2011 , and even today, as Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi insists inheriting his predecessor , Nouri al - Maliki 's approach to not listen to the demands of the masses. "

The statement noted that "no secret to you that our armed forces valiant fight today fateful war with the forces of Daash terrorist, and you who have no one to outbid and Tunaitkm and your love for Iraq , " explaining that "hearts now with your brethren who are fighting the hardest and the beasts of the earth."

The statement continued that " in order to miss the opportunity to corrupt parties and in response to the government 's attempts to mix the papers and support for our military valiant and confirmation of Aalaina the word Iraq over every word, we announce the postponement Tazahratna on Friday until further notice TBD , " asserting that "Tazahratna will return stronger than before, and that Hmtna will not fade away and our resolve will not be softened, and we are on the lookout for the corrupt. "

The Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi called earlier in the day Thursday, the demonstrators to postpone the demonstrations on Friday, while noting that the reason for this is due to the preoccupation with security forces in the battle to liberate Fallujah.

As demanded Baghdad Operations Command citizens not to assemble in any place without obtaining the approval of fundamentalist non - occupancy of security forces in securing the demonstrators.