Experts: victories achieved have positive repercussions on the economy

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Experts: victories achieved have positive repercussions on the economy

Experts in economic and financial affairs Collect the victories achieved by the security forces, backed by upsetting the popular crowd have a positive effect on the Iraqi economy, calling on the international community to support reconstruction in the liberated areas.

The expert said Bassem Jamil said «the international community to support reconstruction projects in the areas liberated from terrorism, especially since the country is going through a financial crisis due to lower crude oil prices, compared to exorbitant cost of combat operations, including bridging the armed forces' needs and crowd the popular and the requirements of displaced families». He stressed that the recent victories have a positive effect on future economic side, explaining that bring life to the laboratories and factories of border crossings in these areas will result in an increase in the financial revenues, especially with the application of the tariff.

Security forces managed last week to secure the highway to Jordan and Syria, in addition to securing Trebil which is one of the active border crossing points. For his part, economic adviser Aqeel al-Saadi stressed the importance of the recent victories on the economic file.

He said al-Saadi »Sabah»: The «The government is seeking to support the private sector and bring life to factories and plants, and what is currently achieved easily do so.»

He also noted that security and stability would foreign investment attraction, particularly in the safe areas, hence the restoration of the situation in all regions would restore economic profile in the forefront again in sync with the extensive reforms launched by the government during the past few months and continues them. The government launched the end of last year and the reform document included the support of the private sector and provide loans for the advancement of the industry and Alersaah, in addition to the application of tariffs to protect the domestic product, as well as other measures.

In turn, financial expert Rahim waterfall saw that the coming period will show a reflection of security progress on the economic situation. A waterfall «morning»: The «victories will open new doors for financial revenues supply the state treasury through the border crossings and passenger movement and employment in the liberated areas, in addition to the recovery of agriculture, which is an important resource for these provinces, as well as operating plants and factories of raw materials sulfur, phosphate, cement and others. »