The current demonstration Friday is devoted to support civil edit Fallujah and determined by the editor.

2016/05/26 16:18


Civil power activist announced Jassim backseat Thursday allocate demonstration Friday in support of joint forces in Fallujah, the liberalization process revealed that the protest would be limited to liberation square in central Baghdad, blood donation campaigns for the security forces.

The backseat is said (long press), that "civil power determined to muster all the possibilities and abilities in activities to support our armed forces in all their factions and the popular crowd and clans, their sacrifices and bravery and Valour rare to cleanse the land of Iraq aldwaash, Iraq Fallujah returned his father to free and secure the safety of civilians, and the defeat of terrorism driving away."

Backseat is added, that "civil power systems during this period an ad campaign to support security forces in Fallujah, victories and a blood donation campaign to compensate for pure blood bleeding which redeemed combatants land of Iraq," adding that "demonstrations on Friday, will be limited to liberation square in central Baghdad, and will be devoted to supporting the security forces through the Iraqi flag and flowers.

Backseat is continued, that "tomorrow's demonstrations to be allocated to security forces victories will salute at 4 p.m. and will include lighting candles in tribute to the memory of our martyrs," returned to "goal unites Iraqis show message as the fist one, when faced with a criminal and enemy mageddon."

Cabinet heads Haidar Abadi, Parliament Salim Jabouri, the Sunni Endowment AE alhamim, Planning Minister Salman jumaili, arrived Thursday morning, (26 May 2016), edits.

The Premier said Haidar Abadi, Monday, (23 May 2016), staging military operations to free Fallujah (62 miles) West of Baghdad, to organize (ISIS) has no choice but to flee from the battle.

Anbar Council declared, in (22 may 2016), joint security forces launched a label (break) on the Edit battle Fallujah (62 km west of Baghdad), the control organization (Saba), revealed that 600 element of organization all that remains in the inner city.

Most of the cities of Anbar province was controlled by the Organization (Saba) with security forces began battles a wide clearing through the gray city recaptured after fierce fighting with other areas in the vicinity of Fallujah killing hundreds of elements (ISIS).