Abadi ambassadors to Muslim countries: Popular Mobilization Forces troops under my command!

Abadi ambassadors to Muslim countries: Popular Mobilization Forces troops under my command!
Last updated: May 26, 2016 - 9:54

BAGHDAD / News Network Iraq , Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi said that terrorism threatens not only Iraq but also threatens countries all over the world, adding that the deviant terrorism distorts our Islamic Alhanif.jae during a meeting Abadi on Wednesday evening with the ambassadors of Islamic countries accredited in Iraq and inform them of the the latest developments in the fight against terror Daash for the Liberation of gangs Iraqi territory and stability in Almntqh.ozkr statement of the Prime Minister 's Office:

the Abadi welcomed at the beginning of the meeting , Messrs ambassadors , stressing that the liberation of Fallujah operations began yesterday and is witnessing progress and successes of our heroine in the city that fell to the terrorist gangs before the occupation of Mosul more than six months and said :

"We are keen on the safety of civilians in and provide safe places for them and isolate Alarhabiyan.obin prime minister said there are successful experiences of liberalization of the cities of Hit and wet to keep the population and not to exploit the terrorist gangs of these homes and state institutions to Tfajakh.ocd Abadi on the importance of moving away from any escalation of sectarian Vaila: "We are in the firing line and the enemy is trying to stir up sectarian strife , and we must not allow H.waodh Abadi that crowd the popular state - owned enterprise under the leadership of commander in chief of the armed forces and funding from the government, and the crowd People innocent of all of the talking sectarian language which is condemnable Qublna.utaba of "the coming days will witness the liberation of Fallujah and then we will move on to Mosul , where the fighting began some time ago and there are many areas liberated and are keen on the safety of civilians there.