Large Turkish temptations Iraqi investors with equality of Gulf

Twilight News Turkish government / Iraqis seeking to attract investors by offering facilities similar to those that have already been granted to men Gulf Business.

Turkish local newspaper reported on Thursday, the head of Turkish Exporters Council, Mohammed Buick Akshay, that the Council recently a cooperation agreement with the Turkish Foreign Ministry was signed, in order to facilitate Iraqi businessmen obtain a visa to enter Turkish territory.

13 federations and raise Turkey's exporters, a petition to the Turkish Foreign Ministry, calling for facilitating the entry of Iraqi businessmen to Turkey, the ministry will take appropriate action to give them a visa, a day after the introduction of them.

And prepares new resolution ground to take advantage of the Iraqi capital, after the government's decision, the beginning of February the past, and it would tighten access of Iraqis to visa their territory, after it was granted to them in airports, ports, land border, within the framework of Turkey's EU agreement aimed at reducing the flow of refugees to Europe through the Turkish territory.

It seems that the crisis experienced by the Turkish economy, as a result of internal political tensions, and the involvement of Turkey in regional crises, in addition to the escalating violence by the war with the PKK in the country's east fighters, and the sanctions imposed on the Turkish economy by Russia, all of those reasons prompted Ankara to work to intensify to attract foreign capital, mainly the Arab.

Previously, the Turkish government provided great facilities for investors in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), as have benefited from a series of laws for foreign investors; and especially the law of late 2012, which allows foreigners to own land and property without the requirement of residence in the country, were not Turkish laws allow foreign investors to buy property except in the case to allow the Turkish business people to purchase property in the countries of those investors.

It has already been announced that the Turkish government to provide facilities and features a private Saudi investors, who are interested in investing in the field of industry in Turkey; Kalaafa tax and customs, land free, and soft loans.

And it turned the attention of Arab investors in general to invest in Turkey, against the backdrop of unrest in the Arab Spring countries, which has been for decades, a habitat to attract money, but the repeated crises experienced by the Turkish economy in recent months has made a lot of foreign investors are rethinking their projects in Turkish territory