Warren: the Alliance is working with Iraq to liberate Fallujah and bombard the city displayed is flag 30 sites

Since 2016-05-26 at 13:32 (Baghdad time)

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Coalition spokesman Steve Warren said Thursday that the Alliance is working with Iraq to liberate Fallujah, noting that 4000 clan fighters are engaged in battle.

Warren said at a press conference today, and I followed it/news/"scales, there are many developments, notably the emancipation Fallujah," stating that "coalition forces working with Iraq to liberate the city, pounded 30 locations in the city."

Warren said that "these sites include places of ISIS and their weapons," pointing out that "coalition advisers working with Iraqi officers to advise and move troops."

"The resistance is medium, using car bombs and mortars.

He continued, "the tribal fighters played a role in the fighting, and there are more than 4 000 of them are involved in the process of editing.

And Warren, that "International Alliance prepare them through the Iraqi Government," Noting that "there is no specific term for editing.

"We have not to forget the connector and continuing air strikes on Mosul, killing leaders and management centres, in addition to weapons factories."

He explained, "is not sufficient to see another banner near the Islamic State in Iraq."

The Coalition spokesman, said that "in the popular crowd said they do not enter Fallujah and active outside the city and have power", stating that "Iraqi forces and clans will enter Fallujah." over 29/34