Reconstruction begins in Diyala province roads maintenance of World Bank loan allocations

2016/5/26 13:39

{Baghdad: Euphrates news}

Ministry general reconstruction and housing and municipal maintenance project my way {Khanaqin-Naft} and {Naft-Mandali} in Diyala province.

The Ministry said in a statement, the Agency received a copy of {Euphrates news}, it started with "maintenance of 20 km of Khanakin road, box oil at 10,795 billion dinars, and maintenance 42, 5 km from Mandalay box oil road, at a cost of 10,851 billion dinars in Diyala province within the World Bank emergency loan allocations for reconstruction of the liberated areas in Diyala and Salahuddin.

"The projects carried out by my company of Assyrian and Hammurabi, and under the supervision of the road and bridge Department Ministry", adding that "working drafts included planing and gouge the affected areas waltkhaddat and ripples and debris out of the driveway, and then alkhabt gravel layers and brushes in the lanes and shoulders wehadlha Porsche ascertain and Prime Côte layers of affected areas, and then asphalt layer brushes 15 cm thick and a mile of 4% as well as cracks."

The statement noted that "the work also included a number of maintenance archways walsandokih tube cleaned and build walls of exits, entrances armed concrete and dealing with General specifications of regressions Abra roads and bridges and planning with thermal glass granules treatment paints and protective fencing Mono regions archways.

He pointed out that "two highways are important ways and President in the province as the border roads, which facilitates mobility trucks, agricultural, industrial and commercial products, and maintenance process for these two routes to numerous and serious damage subjected due to lack of maintenance since 2003".