A statement from the Kurdish blocs in the Iraqi parliament

2016-05-25 17:59:34 | (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad

At the time we hope we are members of the Kurdish blocs in the Iraqi parliament that we see efforts and real efforts by the Turkish government to bring peace and the adoption of dialogue with the opposition funniest approach, we shocked the ratification by the Turkish parliament on a draft constitutional amendment to allow the lifting of the immunity of MPs, what is involved in this decision a direct threat to democracy.

If this step is not studied in contradiction with the freedom of expression and the international community give a negative impression about the general situation in Turkey, in addition to that it may cause in creating an atmosphere of tension and what does not serve the peace process and stability in Turkey and its surroundings.

As we consider this decision a throwback and a retreat from the political reform and the restoration of democracy and the creation of a suitable ground for peace building and see that it is a disappointment for the Turkish street and to the world, we call for a re - consideration and in line with the democracy and freedom of expression standards, with the need for the Turkish government is seeking to attract opponents rather than provoke them, dialogue is the way to end the problems and political crises in Turkey and is the perfect way to make peace.

Kurdish blocs in the Iraqi parliament