Interior Announces readiness to re post, newborn and ports to work

25/5/2016 12:00 am

Baghdad-the morning

The General Directorate of border ports has announced at the Ministry of Interior readiness to resume work in Anbar province with three ports and integrated devices, confirming that it is waiting for the signal from the competent authorities to launch its work.

Associate Director General said border ports General Hussein Abdul Hadi pet, in an interview for» morning», that Anbar province includes three important ports and newborn post and ordered Interior Minister Mohammad Salem Republican White House hopefuls fought border poised to equip Iraq border post at port and Jordan wheeled bags and computers and sonar officer and associate members and civilian personnel of the Directorate and other ministries working to port after securing international highway between Iraq and Jordan that the port is closed by order of the Central Government controlled by gangs of ISIS on the road Privacy International in the entry of goods and foodstuffs and other materials, indicating that this port is an important economic resource for Anbar being running a large number of native labour.

He loved that CTED awaiting Cabinet Secretariat command to open port that impact negatively on Iraq's economy closed being the country's economic lifeline, which estimated the daily losses billion Iraqi dinars from imports, noting that the border post at port is locked by the port and protection force of border guards and the Iraqi army.

He loved on the newborn and implementers will open immediately after the release of DDNS aldwaash by our security forces and the popular crowd hero, noting that both Syria and Iraq, linking the ports have yielded many resources. Associate Director-General pointed out that border ports Directorate will develop a new mechanism for management and logistical processing in all respects after implementing liberalization, explaining that these ports built infrastructure suffered considerable damage of ISIS by acts of terrorism.