Real Estate Bank of Iraq to resume the launch of soft loans to citizens

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Real Estate Bank of Iraq announced on Tuesday for the resumption of the launch of the soft loans to citizens, worth between five to 50 million dinars, an interest rate of four percent over the Ashrsnoat.

The Managing Director of the bank, Khudair Abbas, if / Real Estate Bank commenced the launch of soft loans to citizens in the provinces of Nineveh, with the exception of the Kurdistan region, after being cut off by since 2011, adding that the move came as a result of the launch of the CBI initiative /,

He pointed out that the provision for the construction of a drug Ooadhavh value of the loan to build a drug-based or buy a property, ranging from five to 50 million dinars in two interest rate of four percent, that the loan is repayable in ten years.

Abbas added that the / soft loans granted by the bank does not need to be a sponsor, but do require the borrower a piece of residential land at least an area of ​​one hundred square meters, and not be under the age of 24 years does not exceed 55 / year, indicating that the bank is considering a proposal to extend the age requirement to 65 Year.

He explained general manager, that the procedures for obtaining a simple and designed the loan to prevent any suspicions of corruption and could be completed within three minutes, pointing out that it includes a review of the citizen and the unity of marketing in the public administration of the bank to provide support to land and official archives and leave the construction of the ad hoc committee inspects the site before approval of the lending /.

Abbas pointed that the loan is granted to the beneficiary, even if construction is not yet up to the ceiling,

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