Presidency of the Council of Representatives sets Sunday deadline for the parliamentary session

PM: 05: 30: 24/05/2016 Khandan

Khandan - decided the presidency of the Iraqi Council of Representatives on Tuesday, determine the next Sunday to convene a session of Parliament, as was considered that the issue of the sacking of the Presidency has been bypassed to hold more than a parliamentary hearing good quorum and managing the actual presidency, it indicated that it is not a party reshuffle file is linked to the President Ministers and leaders of the blocks.

Met Presidency of the Council of Representatives with the heads of parliamentary blocs in the council Tuesday afternoon has resulted in a meeting the following statement: "The House of Representatives bless the victories achieved by the armed forces in all its different forms and forces the crowd folk heroes and sons of the tribes esteemed and heroism that Stroha in the battle to liberate Fallujah battle Bashir against al Daash and the remnants of terrorism and calls for our martyrs mercy and forgiveness and our wounded a speedy recovery. "

The statement said, "The circumstance that Iraq is going through security, political and economic calls for all benevolent loyal serious and sincere and pause to find the political obstacles existing solutions, and what was the House of Representatives representing the loop foundation of realism state with its system parliamentary and activating the political situation starts from the performance of its functions fully as and our belief in the importance of activating the role we have had discussions and dialogues lengthy, detailed and extensive undertaken by us to a parliamentary committee revered, with the parliamentary parties and blocs objecting, etc., and show that we in front of the first two issues pertaining to the subject of the dismissal of the board of the presidency and the second related to the ministerial amendment. "

The statement, that "the subject of the dismissal of the Presidency has been bypassed to hold more than a parliamentary hearing good quorum and managing the actual presidency, however, the presidency of the Council is ready to hold a special session to re-issue and in accordance with the rules of procedure and the quorum required and emphasize the results accepted and interpreted to him, and as for file the reshuffle, the presidency of the Council is not a party which is linked to the Prime Minister and the leaders of the blocks, and raises in the reform project .. can put all these issues in the parliament and in accordance with legal procedures and the Council in its resolutions the master himself. "

The statement, also said that "the House of Representatives is dedicated to the people's representatives Btnoath and colors place the interlocutor is different and should not be disabled or pressure on him in ways that non-democratic to impose a point of view outside the legal framework approved by the Constitution and disable treason against the people and the disabled to the interests of the country are not allowed by the Constitution and law." .

She explained Presidency of the Council of Representatives in its statement that "today, after all the good offices of the serious and the dialogues that we did not before us only invite the people's deputies to the presence of the House of Representatives held a session", declaring that "the meeting will be held on Sunday 29/05/2016 and will include the agenda of the meeting of all issues related to the security and economic situation, and the ministerial amendment if requested by the prime minister after completing consultations with all parties. "

The statement called for, "the concerned authorities to provide adequate security guarantees, and we call on all MPs to attend and practice of reform inside the Dome of the Board in accordance with the constitutional contexts, assets and rules of procedure."